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Since 1960

Saga Boats AS is a family owned company that has been controlled by the same family all the time since it was founded in 1960. All boats are produced in our own yard in Selje on the Norwegian West Coast. The local in-house production in Norway ensures the best quality of the end product. The focus has all the way since 1960 been on building quality boats, based on local traditions and high quality craftsmanship combined with the best possible seaworthiness. This we have succeeded with based on internal resources in close cooperation with some of the leading Norwegian boat designers. Since the early -80s semi-planning hulls have become the core in the Saga-program.


Saga is today known as a high quality brand both in Norway and abroad. A focused production philosophy based on semi-planning hulls, dependability, practical solutions and high quality, combined with long standing traditions and high competence, ensures the Saga owners the best end-product.


The company focuses on continuous improvements on the product portfolio. Today’s production program consists of six different models. In all our product development we emphasize to keep, but modernize, the Saga design and quality. This gives our products a common identity and strengthens the Saga brand. Our customers will then be ensured the best quality and solutions on their boat, and a higher secondhand value.


Saga Boats AS have all our production on the Norwegian West Coast, and is one of the leading Norwegian producer of pleasure boats.
  1. 1960

    The Establishment

    The history of Saga Boats AS was born in 1960. The Drageseth brothers had been running a shirt factory for 14 years and got the idea to start building boats in the new material of glass-reinforced polyester. A 10 foot jolly-boat was produced and soon the production of three new models was started. New buildings were required and the new factory was located on the unsheltered shore of Western Norway facing the North Sea, perfect for testing and maintaining Saga quality and seaworthiness.

  2. Saga 20

    Saga 20 was born in 1967 and was an immediate success in Norway as well as abroad. 200 copies were produced yearly and were exported to large parts of Europe. In order to meet the great demand, the production plant and workforce were considerably increased.

  3. Saga 27

    SAGA 27 was presented for the first time at the boat show in Stockholm in 1970. This was a great success and made the foundation for further growth of the company.

  4. Peak Year

    This was the peak year, and the production reached an annual volume of 800 motor boats mostly exported to European market.

  5. Saga 7000

    SAGA 7000 was launched. This was the beginning of a long range of semi-planning boats, both in hardtop versions and closed versions with self-bailing aft cockpit.

  6. A milestone

    SAGA 27 build number 1000 sold to Holland. A milestone was reached!

  7. Modern Lamination Department

    New modern lamination department was built. This opened up the possibility to professional boats up to 60 feet. As one of the first yards in Norway Saga started using sandwich laminate.

  8. New models

    The semi-planning boats were the core of the production program, and new models were launched.

  9. Boat of the Year

    SAGA 29 HT was awarded “Boat of the Year” by the English magazine Motorboats and Yachting during London Boat Show.

  10. Motor boat of all times/h2>

    SAGA 27 was awarded as “Motor Boat of all Times” by the Norwegian magazine Båtliv. This was awarded based on votes from their readers.

  11. Convoy Deliveries

    SAGA 29 and SAGA 315 was a great success and several times a year the boats were delivered in concoys to customers in Southern Norway and Sweden.

  12. Saga 415

    The largest model from Saga since the -80s. Vacuum infusion technology and 3D design was no started to be used also on pleasure boats.

  13. Saga 365

    SAGA 365 is the start of a new model series semi-planning boats with a higher speed potential. Praised by European boating press for quality and innovative solutions. Nominated
    as Boat of the year by the English magazine Motorboat & Yachting.





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